PSG Talon will represent South Korea at Esports World Cup

PSG Talon will represent South Korea at Esports World Cup

2 July 2024

While the recent announcement of the FIFA x Rocket League World Cup was big international esports news, much of the attention esports-wise in the coming weeks will be on the upcoming 2024 Esports World Cup. From July 3rd to August 25th, the world cup for esports will be taking place at Boulevard City in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. As a result, selection processes and qualifying tournaments for plenty of popular esports titles are in full swing as we speak, including Rainbow Six Siege. The South Korean Closed Qualifier, for example, was played in the very last weekend of June and ended with PSG Talon winning the entire thing and therefore the honor to represent South Korea in Rainbow Six Siege this summer.

PSG Talon’s run starts with forfeit

A total of eight teams came together in South Korea on June 29th, 2024, to compete in the South Korean Closed Qualifier for the Rainbow Six Siege event at the upcoming Esports World Cup. This included heavyweights PSG Talon and Mir Gaming, who both received a Wildcard from the tournament’s organization. On top of that, both of their opponents, PawnsRebellion and WEBL respectively, forfeited their games, which meant that both Wildcard participants immediately moved on to the Semifinals.

In those Semifinals, the two Wildcards actually faced each other, and PSG Talon looked more prepared for the confrontation. In a clash that saw PSG Talon coach Fabian “Fabian” Hällsten come face to face with his former player (and Six Invitational 2023 winner) Byron “Blurr” Murray at Mir Gaming, the former came out on top and he did so unbeaten. His organization managed to eliminate Mir 2-0, winning the first battle 7-5 and the second battle 7-3.

In the Grand Final, PSG Talon faced FearX, who had not lost a single match up until that point. FearX, who are sometimes also known as Fearless Foxes, overcame CarrotMarket in the Quarterfinals before eliminating DPlus in the Semifinals. They did so with a perfect 2-0 scoreline on both occasions, so you can imagine their confidence coming into the Grand Final.

Both finalists lose unbeaten status

As a result of their respective tournament runs, both PSG Talon and FearX came into the final with a perfect record. Neither organization had lost a map up until that point, but those records would soon be shattered. PSG Talon was superior on the first map (Border), but FearX found their spirit on the second map (Bank) to make it 1-1 and put an end to their rival’s unbeaten status.

It then came down to the third map (Clubhouse), on which FearX got off to a flying start. The match looked all but decided by the time they grabbed a 5-1 lead, but Talon did not give up and actually managed to fight themselves back into the match. By doing so, they grabbed the momentum in the final moments and managed to win the decided map 8-6. With that result, PSG Talon has qualified for the 2024 Esports World Cup, where the organization will be representing South Korea in Rainbow Six Siege.

Photo Credit: PSG Talon