FIFA to host Rocket League world cup

FIFA to host Rocket League world cup

26 June 2024

One of the major changes in the world of gaming and international esports of the past few years has been the discontinuation of the FIFA franchise. Since last year, the hugely popular and long-running video game series has carried the name “EA Sports FC”, in reference to the game’s developer, Electronic Arts (EA). The company was no longer willing to pay the ever more expensive image rights, which are owned by the FIFA, which resulted in them no longer having the authorization to use the FIFA name.

In response, the FIFA announced that they will be developing their own football game to rival EA Sports FC. While we have not had a lot of news about developments in that direction, the governing body for football worldwide did make another interesting announcement recently. Later this year, they will organize the first-ever National Team Competition featuring Rocket League, in collaboration with the game’s developers Psyonix.

First-ever FIFAe World Cup ft. Rocket League

FIFA broke the news during the Rocket League Championship Series 2024, which started with the qualifiers in January and are set to finish in September with the Rocket League World Championship 2024. The organization will invite sixteen of the best national Rocket League teams in the world to see which nation will crown themselves the best in the world. The move once again emphasizes the FIFA’s commitment to football esports and the support of its entire ecosystem around the globe.

Each of the sixteen national teams consists of three players and a sub, and who will be invited is based on the number of representatives from each country in previous Rocket League Majors. The actual participants per country can be chosen by each country independently, for example by organizing regional qualifiers.

“The FIFAe World Cup featuring Rocket League marks a new era for FIFAe, providing a groundbreaking platform for FIFA’s member associations to compete on one of the most relevant esports titles”, says Christian Volk, Director of eFootball and Gaming at FIFA, “This milestone partnership highlights our commitment to evolve our football esports ecosystem and continue to build the biggest stages for all communities to fame their game.”

Boost for football esports globally

The organization of a eFIFA World Cup featuring Rocket League represents the first time FIFA organizes an international tournament since the termination of the licensing agreement with EA Sports in 2022. By partnering with such a popular and well-known esports title, the football body is not providing its upcoming eFIFA World Cup a promotional boost, but football esports as a whole as well. That way, the FIFA is integrating esports more and more into its daily priorities.

“The partnership brings the intensity and excitement of the FIFAe nations’ narrative to an electrifying new stage and allows players to fame their game in their nation colours”, writes the FIFA on their own esports website, “This inclusion represents a broader engagement with the community and embraces esports beyond traditional football simulations.”