Massive new HQ for Indian esports organization Global Esports

Massive new HQ for Indian esports organization Global Esports

4 October 2022

As one of the oldest and biggest esports organizations in India, Global Esports has also been building a new for itself in the world of international esports. The team was founded back in August 2017, when they hosted the Dota 2 TI7 Pubstomp at Out of the Blue in Mumbai, India. Just over five years later, Global Esports boasts twelve teams across nine esports titles competing at various international levels and achieving considerable success, including a 2nd place for their Singapore Overwatch team in the 2019 Overwatch PAC Contenders Season 1 and the victory royale in the opening game at the Fortnite Australia Open 2019.

In order to continue competing at the highest level, and on the back of the organization’s biggest collaboration deal in which Riot Games appointed them the official and exclusive Valorant franchise for India, Global Esports wants to consolidate its success and invest in its infrastructure. As a result, Global Esports founder and current CEO Rushindra Sinha has announced that his company is preparing for the construction of its massive new headquarters in the affluent suburb of Khar, in western Mumbai.

Future ambitions

The announcement for the new headquarters was made in a recent livestream by Global Esports’ CEO in which he revealed that the organization owned about 25,000 square feet of land in Khar. The idea is to create a huge complex for the organization where they can bring all of their departments and strengths together, including its training facilities and the content house.

“It [the land owned by Global Esports] is somewhere about 20000-25,000 square feet”, said Sinha in his livestream, “We plan to build GE Headquarter at that place. It’s in the middle of Khar (in Mumbai), parallel to SV Road, and about 25,000 square feet. So, we plan to build a big GE tower over there soon. Our goal is to have our entire – training facility, boot camp, studio, content house, everything in one place. One tower, imagine like ten floors just dedicated to the GE tower in the middle of Bombay, literally like the heart of Bombay.

Later in the livestream, Sinha corrects himself in regard to the number of stories for the planned project. ““Actually, it will be 12 floors, not even ten”, he says, “The entire building will be 12 floors and the entire building will be the GE tower”.

New boot camp

Global Esports’ and Sinha’s ambitions reach even further than new headquarters though, as the organization is also planning to open a new boot camp and a complete esports arena, both in Kharghar, in Navi Mumbai. According to Sinha, Global Esports has been learning, growing, and figuring out how it functions best over the past few years, and now is the time to take the next steps.

“We have a lot of ambitious plans, not only this one”, Sinha continues, “We also plan to build another boot camp in the outskirts of Mumbai, in Kharghar. We also plan to build a full-fledged arena in the same place. Our plans are very ambitious; we are just getting started”.