G2 strengthens roster ahead of Esports World Cup Qualifiers

G2 strengthens roster ahead of Esports World Cup Qualifiers

19 June 2024

At the moment of writing, there is less than 24 hours to go before the start of the Esports World Cup, one of the biggest and most important events in international esports. Or, to be precise, a little over 15 hours, according to the countdown timer on the event’s official website. Over a period of eight weeks, the best teams in the world will be competing against each in the most popular esports titles around, and one of those titles is Rainbow Six Siege. In the build-up to the Esports World Cup Open Qualifiers, which are starting on June 18th, G2 Esports has recruited two new players: Roberto “Loira” Camargo and Alexandre “Blaz” Thomas.

Two additions with international experience

With “Loira” and “Blaz”, G2 Esports have added two very experienced and talented players to their roster right before the start of the Open Qualifiers. Roberto “Loira” Camargo is a Brazilian former member of Black Dragons and the third Brazilian on the current G2 roster, besides Karl “Alem4o” Zarth and Matheus “Ramalho” Ramalho. His last international feat was a third place in the Brazil League 2024: Stage 1: Last Chance Qualifier with the previously mentioned Black Dragons.

The other recent addition in the person of Frenchman Alexandre “Blaz” Thomas is perhaps even more exciting. He was active for Saudi Arabia-based Geekay Esports since last year and managed to win the MENA League 2024: Stage 1 back in April. His last feat for the Saudi Arabians was his participation at the BLAST R6 Major Manchester 2024, which ended in disappointment with a 17th place after elimination at the hands of CAG Osaka.

The Brazilian and the Frenchman were brought in by G2 Esports to replace Benjamin “Benjamaster” Dereli and Jake “Virtue” Grannan. The former is a Danish entry fragger who has not announced his new team yet, while the latter is an experienced Australian player who had been with G2 for four years before his departure. G2 Esports still have to find someone to fill the void by William “Titan” Davie, the British coach who left the organization for Australian side Team Bliss.

Rainbow Six Siege Invitational 2023

By joining G2 Esports, “Loira” and “Blaz” have chosen to become part of one of the best Rainbow Six teams in the world. Back in February 2023, for example, it was the Berlin-based organization who took home the Rainbox Six Siege Invitational 2023, the official world championship for the popular esports title. They beat the Brazilians from W7M Esports in the Grand Final, winning no less than $ 1 million in prize money in the process. They managed to win every single map against W7M and that way clinch their first Invitational since winning one in Montreal, Canada, back in 2019. With the addition of Roberto “Loira” Camargo and Alexandre “Blaz” Thomas, G2 Esports wants to further cement its role in the world of Rainbow Six and international esports as one the game’s dominant forces.